Head Injury Reports for Schools / Nurseries

Schools and Nurseries can ensure that all accidents and injuries are recorded as soon as is practicable by using our general use School Accident Books.

Due to head injuries being more serious, we also offer Head Injury Reports that are specific to this type of injury and allow for a more detailed report.

Head Injury Reports

Our Head Injury Reports can be completely personalised; we can add your school logo, contact information and even change the form layout/wording as required.

We print on to Carbonless Copy Paper which duplicates what you are writing, typically 2 Part is the most popular option; giving a copy for the school and a copy for the parent/carer. We also offer 3 Part and 4 Part depending on how many copies are required.

The forms can be supplied as loose glued NCR Sets, as glued NCR Pads of 50 sets or as stapled and perforated NCR Books of 50 sets. The most popular being NCR Books which allow the duplicate to be stored in the book for safe keeping.

We specialise in NCR Printing and work with many schools and nurseries around the UK.

If you would like to discuss any of our printed products with us in more detail, please get in touch and we will be happy to advise you further: 0330 111 5040