Custom Printed NCR Pads

All of our NCR Pads are Custom Printed to your exact requirements, allowing for a personalised and professional looking document. Whether you are a small business just starting out or a larger business looking for a back up paper solution, our custom printed NCR Pads will look the part and make duplicating documents easy!

Custom NCR Pads

We can print from your existing PDF artwork (and make artwork amends for you if required), we can re-draw artwork in a printable format from an existing printed design, or, we can design something for you from scratch; when it comes to NCR Printing we offer it all!

Depending on the amount of duplicates you require, we offer; Duplicate NCR Pads (2 Part), Triplicate NCR Pads (3 Part) and Quadruplicate NCR Pads (4 Part). The NCR paper colour options available are White / Yellow / Pink / Green and Blue which can be collated in any order as required.

NCR Pads are supplied with 50 sets as standard, although we can pad in different quantities on request, we can print them in a number of cost effective ways on one of the many printing presses that we have:

Digital Press – Prints in black ink or full colour, for short runs of 5 to 20 pads.

Sheet-Fed Press – Prints in black ink, pantone colours and full colour, for medium runs of 5 to 50 pads.

Reel-Fed Press – Prints in black ink, pantone colours and full colour, for longer runs of 60 pads+.

All prices shown on our website are already based on the most cost effective method of production.

If you are looking to purchase custom printed NCR pads, please take a look at our website or get in touch on: 0330 111 5040.