NCR Design Service

Professional Design Service

At NCR Pads we offer a professional and cost effective in-house design service for all of the products that we print, if you do not have print ready artwork and would like us to design something eye catching for your business, or copy an existing printed or low resolution design in a print ready format, then you have come to the right place.

How much will it cost?

The fee for design will depend on the product being ordered; please navigate to the required product on our website, select a specification from the drop down box and click 'View Prices'. A pricing table will be displayed, the set design fee for your chosen product and option to add this to your order will be displayed at the bottom of this pricing table. Once you have placed your order online we will contact you with regards to your design requirements.

What do I need to provide?

Everyone's needs are different, so we do not have a standard template, your design will be bespoke and specific to your requirements. We will require a visual showing how you would like your artwork to look. Ideally, we will require a rough sketch showing the layout, fields and text required or a scanned copy or photo of an existing design that you would like us to copy.

If you need terms and conditions printed onto the reverse then these will need to be supplied to us in a format that we can cut and paste from (word/email, etc), alternatively, if you cannot supply this, there may be a small surcharge dependent on the amount of text.

You will need to supply a high resolution version of your company logo. Our set design fees do not include logo design or the re-drawing of existing logos (unless a simple text based logo), this is a separate service that we offer, please see our Logo Design Service if needed.

I have my design in a Microsoft Word/Publisher/Excel file, do I have to pay for design?

No, in most instances (if designed at the correct size) we can print from artwork created in these programs, however, artwork must be exported to a High Quality/Print Quality PDF. Once exported to PDF, we strongly recommend that you print a copy of the document to ensure you are happy with how it looks before sending the file to us. We will also require a separate, high resolution version of your company logo.

I have a scanned image, do I have to pay for design?

Scanned images do not print as well as they could, the print quality will certainly not be as good as the original the scan was taken from. Occasionally we do print from scanned images when instructed to, however, if quality is important to you then for the best print results we would always advise that the artwork is re-drawn from scratch.

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