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We would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our customers who have taken the time to leave us a review on Trustpilot. We are currently ranked 5 stars, 9.9 out of 10 and positioned number 4 in the category: Online Printing. The NCR Pads team works very hard to offer quality products, […]

NCR Pads

What is an NCR Pad?

NCR Pads offer a cost effective and easy way to duplicate what you are writing. Perfect for invoices and receipts, where you need a copy for yourself and a copy for your customer. All of our NCR Pads are bespoke, this means that you can have whatever you want printed onto them, we can print […]


T&Cs Ink Colour Advice

If your NCR job has Terms & Conditions or anything else printed on the reverse of the sheet, we advise that you set the text or any images to a 70% tint of black ink. C (Cyan): 0% | M (Magenta): 0% | Y (Yellow): 0% | K (Black): 70% This will reduce the black […]

Purchase Order

Add a Purchase Order / Reference Number

When placing your order, don’t forget to add a purchase order number or descriptive reference. This will then be displayed in your account area, on invoices and on all emails we may send you. If you place many orders with us for multiple customers or your organisation has lots of different kinds of pads/books this […]

Repeating Orders

Repeating Orders

It is now possible to repeat orders placed after March 2018 via your account area. Just login to your account, click ‘Repeat’ and check out. You can proceed with artwork we hold on file from your previous order, or you can upload amended artwork. Any sequential numbering will automatically continue. This function is not available […]

NCR Paper

What is NCR Paper?

NCR Paper is the modern day equivalent to the old fashioned and messy blue carbon copy paper. The acronym NCR stands for No Carbon Required. Essentially, it does exactly the same as the blue carbon copy paper allowing you to duplicate what you are writing, although it is the unique, invisible coating on the paper […]

Sequential Numbering

What is Sequential Numbering?

Sequential Numbering in the print industry refers to the process of printing numbers in sequential order. Each sheet within the document is given a start number and the numbering continues throughout the document in ascending numerical order. We can sequentially number many of the products that we manufacture; NCR Pads/Books/Loose Sets, Continuous NCR Forms, Register […]