Donation Forms / Gift Aid Forms

We design and print Donation Forms and Gift Aid Forms to help organisations monitor their donations, fundraising and regular giving activities.

Our clients include Hospitals, Hospices, Charities, Trusts and Churches.

Donation Gift Aid Forms

We can print from your existing PDF artwork or we can design donation forms / gift aid forms to your specific requirements. We can display your logo, contact details and even add the Gift Aid declaration for the donor to tick and agree to; boosting the donation by 25%!

Dependent on whether you require a duplicate of the form being filled out, we can supply the gift aid form in a number of ways; as loose sheets of 100gsm paper (no duplication), glued into pads of 50 or 100 leaves (no duplication), as envelopes (with a variety of sizes) or by far the most popular way; printed on to NCR paper. This will duplicate what is being written; providing you with a copy for your records and a copy for the donor.

NCR paper allows you to have more than 1 copy if needed, for example; you may require a copy for the donor, a copy for the office and a copy for accounts; this is all instantly possible with our NCR products.

We offer a range of popular sizes including; A4, A5 and A6 and also offer bespoke sizes if required. We can print in black ink, pantone colours or in full colour and can sequentially number the sheets to help keep track of donations.

To discuss your NCR Printing requirements with us, please get in touch on 0330 111 5040 and we will be happy to assist you further.