What is Sequential Numbering?

Sequential Numbering in the print industry refers to the process of printing numbers in sequential order. Each sheet within the document is given a start number and the numbering continues throughout the document in ascending numerical order.

We can sequentially number many of the products that we manufacture; NCR Pads/Books/Loose Sets, Continuous NCR Forms, Register Sets, Desk/Note Pads and Letterheads.

Numbering is especially useful on invoices and receipts as it will provide a reference for a particular order or transaction. This enables any customer queries to be found quickly, as your copy of invoice 0478 will match exactly to your customers, for example.

We can number in both black or red ink (black as standard) and can start at any number you require (4 digits min. 7 digits max.). Provided there is enough room, we can also number in any position.

Numbering can have a prefix of your choice if required, for example: INV0001, although the characters are not printed at the same time. The prefix needs to be on the printing plate, so it must be supplied in the correct position on your artwork; once your artwork is printed we then number next to the pre-printed prefix.

As a guide, numbering digits are approximately Arial 18pt in size; this is useful to know when designing your artwork to ensure that you leave us plenty of room. We also recommend that any prefix should be approximately this size.

Our ordering system automatically allows you to continue sequential numbering with repeat orders. Numbering will continue from the last number of your previous order.