What is NCR Printing?
NCR Printing

NCR Printing is the printing of information onto NCR Paper. NCR Paper allows the user to duplicate, triplicate or quadruplicate what they are writing easily and without the need of the old fashioned blue carbon paper.

As a result of NCR Paper’s unique capabilities, it lends itself very well to items such as Invoices and Receipts, where a copy is required for the business and a copy for the customer.

NCR Printing is available in full colour, single colour (such as black) and in any of the uncoated Pantone colours. NCR Paper is typically available in the following colours; White, Yellow, Pink, Green and Blue.

Artwork can be customised as required and printed with whatever information may be needed, including images, logos and contact information etc.

Once printed, the NCR Paper is collated and can be supplied as;

LOOSE NCR SETS – Glued together in sets.

Loose NCR Sets

NCR PADS – Glued into pads of 50 sets.

NCR Pads

NCR BOOKS – Stapled, black spine taped & perforated into books of 50 sets.

NCR Books

We specialise in printing onto NCR Paper, if you require something please do not hesitate to contact us: 0330 111 5040