What is NCR Paper used for?
NCR Paper

NCR Paper is a unique paper with an invisible coating that can be used to duplicate what you are writing from the top sheet, down to subsequent copies in a multi-part set.

We have explained more about its properties and how it works in our What is NCR Paper? blog post, however, NCR paper lends itself to a wide range of uses and therefore appeals to a variety of customers.

The most popular uses are for traditional invoice books, receipt books and delivery notes, whereby an instant copy can be created, without the need for a photocopier, scanner or other digital device.

The use of a writing shield between the multi-part sets, stops transfer of text down to subsequent sets. We provide a loose writing shield with all our NCR Pads and Books as standard.

This simple but effective solution is favoured by businesses who use our products ‘on the road’ or off-site. The addition of your branding to printed NCR products will ensure the recipient is reminded of your company and your contact details, whilst portraying a professional image.

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